Sample Publications

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  • Anspach, J and Paul Scott. Subsurface Utility Engineering for Municipalities: Scope of work and Prequalification Guide. ASCE, Reston, VA 2019.
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  • Quiroga, C, J. Anspach, et al. Strategic Research Needs in the Area of Utilities. Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC., 2019
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  • Anspach, James H. and Randy Murphy. ACRP 34. Subsurface Utility Engineering Management for Airports., National Academy of Sciences., Washington, DC. 2012
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  • Sterling, Allouche, Anspach, Matthews, Berchmans, Simicevic. Development of the Selection Assistant for Utility Locating Technologies. SHRP2 Report S2-R01-RW-2, Transportation Research Board, National Academies, Washington, DC 2012.
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  • Anspach, James H. Utility Location and Highway Design. NCHRP Study 405. National Academies, Washington, DC 2009.
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  • Innovation in Locating and Characterizing Utilities. Sterling, Anspach, Allouche, et. al. SHRPII R-01, National Academies, Washington, DC 2009.
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  • CI ASCE 38-02. Standard Guideline for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data. American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA 2002.
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Expert Witness Cases

EXPERT WITNESS CASES (in addition to confidential arbitrations and mediations engagements):
Diversified Services v. City of Bradenton, Florida (on-going)
Enbridge Pipelines Inc. v. Grand Rapids Pipeline et al. Alberta, Canada (mediation, on-going)
Randall Dickson et al v. Trunkline Gas Co LLC. US District Court for the Northern District of Indiana, South Bend Division. Case no.
3:18-cv-494. (on-going)
Las Olas Co et al v. Florida Power and Light, et al. 17th Judicial Circuit Broward County, FL. Case no. CACE-19-019911 (18). (on-going)
Columbia National Insurance Co et al v. MUD, North Central Service District Court of Douglas County, Nebraska Case No. CI 16-
7667 and consolidated cases (on-going)
Vance, Yates, Sherman, Kouba, Moser, Shapland, Gearhart Construction, LLC, City of Bellevue vs. Metropolitan Utility District of
Omaha, NE. 2017 (Expert Report leading to successful mediation)
Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance vs City of Seattle United States District Court, Western District of Washington at Seattle, No.
2:15-cv-1039 JCC 2016 (Report, Deposition)
Escalante v. System Communications Services, Superior Court of New Jersey Law Division: Middlesex County, Docket No.:
MID-L3083-15 (report)
Panasar v. Underground Utilities Corp. Superior Court of New Jersey Law Division: Middlesex County, Docket No.: MID-L6617-15
JJ’s v. MO Gas Case # 1316cv11288, Division 1. Circuit Court of Jackson County, MO. 2015 (deposition, on-going consulting)
Irth Solutions v. Daniel Colby. Case No. 13CV-06097, Franklin County Ohio Court of Common Pleas. 2012 (Court testimony)
Posen v. Peoples Gas: Case No. 2:11-cv-231-FtM-29-SPC, U.S. District Court, Ft. Myers, FL. (consulting and Report) 2014
Amatel v. PSE&G (consulting). Case No. MID-L 553512, Superior Court of New Jersey (consulting and Report) 2015
Bolinder v. USIC. Lake Mary, FL. (consulting) 2012
Stacey & Witbeck v. Level 3 Communications. Superior Court of Washington, King County, WA. (Report and Deposition) 2012
Neese v. Enterprise Products Operating v. Survey and Mapping Inc. (consulting) ,Dallas County, TX 2011
Colorado Interstate Gas Company v. National Union Insurance. (Report, Deposition, and Testimony) 2012
Case No. 2008cv4157
District Court, Denver County, CO
Iasis Healthcare Corporation vs. E. K. Bailey Construction, et al. (Report and Deposition) 2010
Case No. 2:07CV00638
United States District Court for the District of Utah, Central Division
TW Telecomm v. Locating, Inc. (Report) 2009
District Court, Eastern District of the State of Washington. # CV-08-229-FVS
Nautilus v. SCI Infrastructure (Report) 2009
Resume for James H. Anspach, P.G. P a g e | 6
Superior Court of Washington, King County. # 08-2-11336-1
Carpenter v. Central Locating Service, LTD. (Report and Court Testimony) 2009
Superior Court of Washington, King County. # 07-2-33296-1SEA
George & Lynch, Inc. v. Cereza et al. (Report and Deposition) 2009
Superior Court of the State of Delaware, New Castle County.
State Farm & Casualty Co., Subrogee of Leethel Neal v Corby Energy Services, Inc. et al (Report and Deposition) 2004
Oakland County Circuit Court Case No. 04-057675 NZ
Se-Kan Asphalt, Inc. v. City of Iola et al. (Report) 2004
District Court of Allen County, Kansas
Case No. 03CV35
Dorian Thompson, v. PECO, and related cases (Report) 2005
Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County
July 2001 Term, Case Numbers 2107, 4084, 4179
Carl J Arbes v. OSP Consultants, Inc, and Mid-Atlantic Pipeliners, Inc. (Consulting) 2002
Virginia, circuit Court for Fairfax County
At Law No. 19470
Alder Siesta, Inc. v. Central Locating Service, Ltd., Seattle Washington. Wilson Smith Cochran Dickerson, counsel. (Consulting) 2007
Herzog v. Sound Transit. King County, WA. (Consulting) 2011
USDOE v. Bell Atlantic, Savanna River Site, GA. (Consulting and Testimony) 1999