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Jim has participated in a wide variety of research projects, either as an Investigator or Principal Investigator, for over 30 years.  Many of these projects are performed in conjunction with research universities.  Jim's wide array of expertise in surface geophysics, data repositories, damage prevention statutes and procedures, utility design, highway design, utility construction practices, and project management make him a valuable addition to research teams dealing with these, and peripheral, issues.

The following sampling of projects illustrate the breadth of these investigations.  These do not include the many projects where Jim had significant input as a project resource but was not part of the primary research team.

1978:  Gas Research Institute, testing of the early ground penetrating radar units for utility detection

1985:  Battelle Research Institute, correlation of depth accuracy claims by surface geophysics vs actual exposure

1995: Virginia Center for Innovative Technology, correlation of accuracy and completeness of utility records to actual utility location

1999: FHWA, "Cost Savings On Highway Projects Utilizing Subsurface Utility Engineering." (in association with Purdue University)

2007: National Academies/SHRPII, "Encouraging Innovation in Locating and Characterizing Utilities" (in association with Louisiana Tech University)

2007: National Academies/SHRPII, "DOT-Utility Coordination:  Understanding Key Aspects of the Problem and Opportunities for Improvement." (in association with University of Florida)

2008: National Academies/TRB/NCHRP, "Utility Location and Highway Design"

2008: Mapping the Underworld, UK Research Council

2009: National Academies/SHRPII:

    Co-Principal Investigator:  Project R01-A: Innovation in Technologies to Support the Storage, Retrieval, and Utilization of 3-D Utility Location Data

    Investigator: Project R01-C:  Innovations to Expand the Locatable Zone

    Investigator:  Project R01-B:  Multi-Sensor Platforms for Locating Utilities

2011: National Academies/TRB/ACRP, “Subsurface Utility Engineering Information Management for Airports.” ACRP Project 34.

2011: National Academies/SHRP2.  Personal Services Contract for Technology Transfer of projects SHRP2 R-01 and R-15.

2012: National Academies/SHRP2.  Deployment of Innovative Technology, SHRP2 R-31.

2012: National Academies/SHRP2.  R-15C, Deployment of Utility Conflict Matrices

2012:  ProStar Corp / :  "Transparent Earth,"  " Earthworm"

2012:  UtilyStar:  "PipeTalker"

2012:  Assessing the Underworld, UK Research Council

2013:  FHWA:  Determining the Feasibility of State DOTs to manage 3-D Utility Data

2014: National Academies:  Expert Task Group / Manual for Geotechnical Investigations

2014:  Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada:  Know Your Assets

2014:  FHWA:  Every Day Counts 3 Technology Transfer